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Spectacularly photographed in Europe, Scandinavia, North America and Hawaii, Breath of Life travels the globe in search of the truth behind what appears to be a looming environmental catastrophe. Everyone is telling us how we are destroying our world. BREATH OF LIFE is the only film that shows us why. This stunning documentary transcends the usual experts and captures the mind-bending insight of the world’s greatest evolutionary scientists, down to earth farmers and Hawaiian wisdom keepers. It will change forever the way you view the world and provide a roadmap to the future you can actually use.

I am very pleased and proud to be be involved with this important and amazing film. Directed and produced by Susan Kucera this film is a revealing look at the true environmental state of our world and what we all need to do if we are to survive.

It will be a screened to all our world leaders at the 2015 Dubai Leaders Forum as well as being on general release.

You can watch the film here and please share the link

I feel very honoured that various tracks of mine have been used in the making of this film.

Our Future.

    Our Planet.

        Our Life.

The new album “Blueprint” is available as a signed limited edition of only 200 copies in a laser engraved presentation tin. This is available through the website only .

The album will also be released digitally through all major platforms

See the new film

“The Path Ahead”

Created by Bob Holroyd

and Simon Painter